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NuVet Vitamins Picture My favorite item to use is NuVet Plus NuVet Plus is Natural – No Artificial Sweeteners or Fillers and made with Real Chicken Liver.To order, click here. You won't be sorry. Picture Picture NuJoint Plus Hip and Joint Therapy that Works for Dogs of All Ages! To order, click here. Protect: Helps to Reduce the Risk of Osteoarthritis & Cartilage Deterioration Strengthen: Supports Optimal Joint Health & Mobility Heal: Helps to Lubricate Joints & Rebuild Cartilage I use NuVet vitamins and am happy to promote them. I find they make a difference in the health of my dogs, inside and out. How Does NuVet Plus Work? Combats free radicals and helps reduce the risk of many ailments that can strike your pe Promotes proper function of the immune system, cardiovascular system, bone structure, nerve systems, glands, organs, and more Protects against dangerous toxins and other harmful substances that pets encounter daily in the environment and in foods (many of which contain hormones, preservatives, meat by-products, pesticide residue, sugar, and allergens like corn and grain) Helps beautify the skin and coat with natural omega fatty acids that are unavailable from most foods and supplements because they are destroyed through heat treating (cooking) NuVet Plus Works for All Pet Stages Puppies and Kittens Need to Develop: A Strong Immune System A Healthy Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys Healthy Nerves, Muscles, and Connective Tissue Dogs and Cats in Their Prime Require: Proper Vitamin and Antioxidant Intake Complete Mineral Balance Healthy Metabolism of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates A Strong Immune System Senior Dogs and Cats Need to Sustain: Proper Digestion Energy Levels Resistance to Disease Healthy Joints and Mobility Proper Organ and Nerve Function A Strong Immune System


Another beauty!  

11" black Toy girl. Loves to play ball and play with the others.