GR CH Donna Victoria Festiva

Sonja took the show world by storm and finished her Championship in 2 months and went on to get her Grand Championship in a couple more months! She is that one special Poodle that just doesn't come along that often.

Sonja is a Dwarf Poodle from the Czech Republic bred by Andrea Maskova of of Victoria Festiva Poodles.
She is dual registered with FCI a European Registry and AKC a American Registry. Her Registered name is Donna Victoria Festiva.  
A Dwarf is a extra size they have in Europe which is inbetween a Toy  and Miniature, a size of 11.5" to 13.5". Here in the USA she will be shown as a Miniature. 
She is a amazing little girl that has to be the smartest Poodle I've ever had and she knows the sun rises and sets on her. 

Another beauty!  

11" black Toy girl. Loves to play ball and play with the others.